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11 Optical Illusions That Will Make Your Brain Hurt

Stare at the center cross and the blinking dots turn green. Hint: the dots don’t actually turn green.   Image via RPDMS    Which way is the train going? Try blinking or refocusing your eyes to get the train change direction. Image via moillusions   Focus on the blinking green dot and eventually the yellow dots will completely disappear. It’s a-706concept called motion induced blindness where fixed objects fade and then disappear from our vision. Image via Michael Bach   These circles are not moving or animated at all, but the human brain makes them seem like they are.   Image via Akiyoshi Kitaoka   Again, no animation here. Just magic. Image via moillusions   And again... Image via moillusions...

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The Top 5 Best Flavored Rolling Papers

Being a Dollar High Club member means you get to try a lot of cool papers, and we certainly have had our fair share. Some people want a little extra kick in their smoking experience, or are improving the taste of lower quality herbs. Here's the best of the best! 1. Skunk Brand Barely beating Juicy Jay, we have to give Skunk Brand the top spot. These are the only papers that aren't quite designed to cover the taste of your herbs, they ENHANCE them. The classic Skunkalicious is an all-natural paper that is only flavored with a small amount of cane sugar, adding a classy touch to even the best herbs out there. The Hawaiian Skunk is a little stronger, but is the best...

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